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All proceeds from our online memberships go directly towards advancing the careers of our Emerging Canadian Artists.

Directory: For Business Exposure

Promotional Tool for Business and Entrepreneurial Exposure

Our Affiliate Directory is designed to generate exposure, awareness and traffic physically and online. Affiliates can advertise in our directory listing and utilize unlimited posts to our events pages.  As an affiliate, you can post any up and coming promotions, events, specials, and sales. Take advantage of our high traffic website.

Price includes tax. For just $75.00 CAD per year.

Directory Benefits

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Business Affiliates receive privileged access to our Directory:

  • Promote your business locally and internationally
  • Post Events, sales and promotions: unlimited use
  • Support Canadian Artist
  • Increase Traffic and increasing sales
  • Unique quality: all of our memberships are interactive with each other. Meaning that this membership is interactive with independent artists,  collectors and businesses.

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