Collector Services


Register for an online Collector Membership to view details about our artwork and artists, and to receive exclusive prices and invites to our events.

Our Online Collector Membership does the following:

  • Makes your art searching and tracking enjoyable and easy
  • Allowing you to follow your favourite artists, and keep track of their upcoming shows and newest creations
  • Helping you discover new up and coming artists that match your artistic preferences
  • Keeping you updated on Norman Felix events and receptions, and providing you with VIP access

All proceeds from our online memberships go directly towards advancing the careers of our Emerging Canadian Artists.

Art Consulting

Norman Felix offers Art Investment Services for corporate and individual collectors. We are committed to meeting the unique aesthetic needs and desires of every art-loving individual, and can willingly customize our approach to accommodate your corporate, commercial, or personal requirements. We will connect you with artists whose work will satisfy your needs, and provide you with details about subject matter, formal characteristics, and design principles in order to facilitate informed decision-making.  Our Art Investment Services include the offer of:

  • An individual consultation appointment and customized assistance with selecting appropriate artwork and framing to match your décor in private or corporate spaces.
  • Coordinating your work’s framing, delivery, and installation.
  • Earning commission on the sale of paintings, illustrations, and photographs.
  • Customized financing.
  • Art rental programs.
  • Buy-back options after one year (corporate and business clients only).
  • Tax benefits (corporate and business clients only).
  • Competitive prices.

Event Planning and Entertainment Services

  • Event planning services for private and corporate parties and events
  • Consultation services concerning event planning for children's parties and corporate events
  • Live painting
  • Art interaction entertainment

Custom Orders

We can provide you with personalized artwork that completes your space and contributes to the creation of a visually appealing and productive environment. Why not commemorate an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or special memory with custom art work to transform it into a vibrant painting, illustration or sculpture? Many of our artists work on a commission basis to create customized pieces for clients. If you require a photographer, their services must be booked at least seven days in advance of the event.

Art Leasing / Licensing / Publishing

Norman Felix Gallery is committed to providing individuals, corporations and institutions with the tools necessary to make informed purchasing, licensing and leasing decisions. Our art leasing services include the delivery and professional installation of a custom tailored collection, designed to enhance your specific environment. This service includes Spring and Fall renewal or rotation of selected art pieces. Additionally, buy-out options and financing are available at the end of each lease. Rental fees are calculated at 25% of the total value per week. In addition to our large selection of fine art, Norman Felix Gallery offers high-quality custom picture framing.

Service Fees

Please inquire with the gallery for an estimated quote for any of our services.

Art Purchases & Rentals

We offer affordable fine and commercial art by emerging independent Canadian artists for purchase or lease, and can commission custom-made masterpiece(s) to suite your unique taste. Our price range varies to match the skill and experience of each artist.

Custom Artwork for Consignment

Contact the gallery to inquire about custom artwork by our participating artists.

We provide personalized artwork to complete your space and contribute to the creation of a visually appealing and productive environment. Why not commemorate an anniversary, wedding, birthday, or special person with a custom painting, illustration, professional photograph, or sculpture? Our gallery represents established artists who work on a commission basis to create customized pieces for special occasions.  You might choose to opt for an enormous, striking piece, or a simple but inspired grouping of pieces. This service does require that a photographer (if required) must be booked at least seven days prior to the event.

Event Hosting

Host your event in our space with Canada’s unsurpassable emerging artist collections, cultural and creative boutique market (by day), and radiant location for corporate and social entertaining.