Collector - F.A.Q.

Who buys art at Norman Felix?

Our art buyers include experienced art collectors, corporations, decorators, fledgling art collectors and people who simply want something interesting to fill a space. Our clients come from all over the world.

Can you provide fine art that is appropriate for corporate environments?

Norman Felix understands that businesses and corporations--especially in public venues--have suitability criteria that may be different from that of a private collector. Since we offer many visual styles and mediums, we are able to provide a selection of quality work customized to corporate needs and sensitive to a business environment.

Does "suitable" and "appropriate" mean that the artwork is merely decorative?

Norman Felix sells fine art--not decor. All works we provide are original works by artists who bring freshness and innovation to their preferred style of expression. We can have prints of the original art-work made.

Can you provide art that relates to our business and that our clients and employees will enjoy?

"Suitable" also means that the art meets your own business goals. Norman Felix will tailor-make your proposal to whatever your needs are in terms of themes, imagery or stylistic preferences. Conveying your specific corporate vision through quality art is our goal.

How does Norman Felix choose its artists?

Initially, we select our artists through a jury review. We find talented artists with a concrete exhibition history Once introduced, we meet with artist and evaluate the artists work to make a further assessment of their suitability for Norman Felix.

What other criteria do you use in selecting artists?

Our artists typically have a concrete exhibition history with a viable training background. Some of our artists have price histories with key buyers. Please review the artists' biography on their profile pages.

Does this mean you sell only one type of art?

On the contrary, we follow many veins of art: Realism (including still life, landscape, figuration and portraiture), Pop art, Abstraction (traditional and new), Conceptual art, Digital art, and sculpture (wood, stone, metal, mixed-media, stabile and kinetic). We travel all over Canada seeking artists who represent a broad range of aesthetic approaches and visual styles.

Doesn't contemporary art have to look "new" and "trendy" to be important?

Important, innovative contemporary art is being created in diverse expressive modes. We offer works in an array of presentation styles so that our clients can choose an approach that is meaningful and engaging for them. Norman Felix’s goal is to edit work for quality--not to impose any specific taste on a client.

Our business owns a collection of objects related to our industry. Can you help us in displaying it?

Norman Felix can integrate your pre-existing collection (objects or art) into our proposal and offer advice and fulfillment on presenting it effectively.

Our region is noted for its fine craftspeople and artisans. Can you include some of those works in your proposal?

Norman Felix welcomes the opportunity to include the work of respected local artists and artisans in your art program.

Can Norman Felix arrange for corporate portraits?

We have relationships with artists who are noted for the quality of their portraiture.

How do we get started on this entire corporate art project?

Either via telephone or, preferably, in person, Norman Felix meets with your corporate representatives to focus on your art needs and goals. If you are uncertain of those requirements, this meeting will help to clarify them. From that meeting, we should be able to proceed in designing a program fitted to your needs.

Can Norman Felix make our program proposal in-person to our art committee and key decision makers?

Depending on your wishes, we can present your art program proposal in a slideshow at your offices, in print materials and/or on the Internet.

Who takes care of expenses and logistics of framing, transporting and installing our corporate art?

Norman Felix will handle all these services.  

Our building is under construction. When can we proceed with the art portion of the project?

We can begin making proposals from architects' and designers' plans so that art can be installed as soon as construction allows. Norman Felix is familiar with protocols for installing art at union jobsites.

Can you present proposals for large-scale and site-specific corporate art?

We have access to artwork, artists, sculptors, fabricators and other resources well beyond the works we present in this catalogue or on our website. Norman Felix is pleased to offer site-specific designs.

Does Norman Felix make a bid or does our business provide the budget?

We will work however you prefer; of course, a general idea of your budget parameters is necessary in helping us to present a suitable proposal on a timely basis.

Who is accountable for the progress of our corporate art project?

Norman Felix oversees every aspect of a corporate art program: from presentations, contracts and regular budget reports, to the installation and documentation of each work purchased.

How will our art budget be allocated and who accounts for its expenditure?

Norman Felix proposal will outline the various categories of expenses and apportion the budget so that you can anticipate how your art dollars will be spent. Categories will include art purchase costs, framing costs, transportation costs, installation costs, design costs, fabrication costs and our fees. As we proceed with the project, Norman Felix will provide an ongoing accounting of actual expenditures.

How are Norman Felix fees determined?

Our fees are based on a percentage of the total program budget or by hourly rate. Norman Felix negotiates prices directly with artists and studios; this procedure, which results in a nearly wholesale purchase price, saves our clients many thousands of dollars per project.

Will our corporate art go up in price?

By selecting artists who have substantial resumes and delivering the work at a near wholesale cost, Norman Felix is increasing the chances that the art will appreciate in value. Since we sell original art by serious professionals, we consider the art to be "investment grade". However, contemporary art is always at the more speculative end of the investment spectrum. For buyers interested primarily in investment, we can make specific recommendations and proposals.

Can you advise our business on acquiring work by other artists at auction or through dealers?

Norman Felix can provide bidding assistance and art market advice on a fee basis. We can also provide ongoing acquisition advice and suggestions to enhance your core collection. Should you wish to sell or trade items from your collection, we can assist and advise in that process as well.