Artist - F.A.Q.

How do I become a Norman Felix Artist?

All artist on the Norman Felix Roast must be approved by our Jury. There are three ways to be considered by the jury: 1. You submit your images of work, website, and brief paragraph about yourself. -2. referral has submitted you. -3. a jury member has seen your work and has submitted if for you.

Are there any fees involved in becoming a Norman Felix Artist?

Yes, there is a nominal one-time registration fee to sign up and be apart of the showcasing program with Norman Felix Artist.

Are there any further costs?

Yes, there is an annual renewal fee every year . Any additional services are will be invoices upon receiving written request from the artist. The only service that the gallery will invoice without notice is for "wiring" as all art work is to be ready to hang upon signing in to the gallery's care. 

When can I expect payment for sales?

We start the processing of a sale upon final sale. Final sale means paid in full. After final sale a commission invoice will be forwarded to the artist. Payment will be issued approximately 60 days after final sale in accordance with company processing compliance.

What services will I receive as a Norman Felix Artist?

Upon registration and submission of artwork, Norman Felix artists receive the opportunity to showcase their art work:

  1. on our high traffic website (in the main gallery),
  2. in our Norman Felix Annual Group Shows (guaranteed a minimum of  two),
  3. in our RoadShows (in house group shows that take place for and around events)
  4. in our Art-Stops, venues throughout the city (group shows). 

Our artist services focus on exposure and organization. Therefore, we handle the administration and collective promotion across the board. Every time there is a change to the inventory, we forward an updated copy. Artists are notified and provided promotional material for every show they participate in. At year end, artist receive and updated report/ resume of participation.  

Can I write my own biography and artist statement?

Yes, however if you do not have a Service Membership, all written material must receive an editorial review to ensure quality control.

Do I have to get a PR Service Package?

No, these services are made optional for Norman Felix Artists who are serious about making art their career.

What will a PR Service Package do for me?

PR Service Packages are designed to help you package your portfolio, gain exposure, and present yourself as a professional artist.

Is there a fee for PR Service Packages?

Yes, these packages are  compose based on your career needs, and are priced accordingly. Monthly payment plans are optional.

How do I become a Featured Artist?

In order to be included as a Norman Felix Featured Artist, you need to meet a sales quota OR have a PR Service Package to demonstrate that you are active in your career.