ClassRoom Trainging Application

ClassRoom Course starts: 21 November 2015

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  • 20 Seats available
  • Must be approved for course
  • Must apply by 30 August 2015
  • Course Fee $900 Plus Tax

This phase is 6 weeks in duration, with training and coaching for clients required to create their own successful business. The business skill development phase combines classroom / modular workshops, and group learning sessions in such areas as:

  • Forms of business operations, Business ownership, business regulations
  • Business planning, market research
  • Market analysis, marketing and sales, customer service, communications
  • Human resources, operations and managing micro-business
  • Cash flow projections,  costing, bookkeeping
  • Production planning
  • Income statements/preparing a budget, financing for small business

Additional services and advisory services:

a) In between workshops, industry experts will come as speakers. They will deliver presentation on relevant topics to accelerate participants' learning. Topics will include:

  • Business Communication, Customer service
  • Market development, Branding
  • Finding suppliers and controlling inventory
  • Finding money to start or grow your business
  • Human resource management

b) In addition clients will receive one-on-one sessions, to help them with preparation of their business plans, and respond to any area they may need help with help with their work.  At the end of the training phase, participants will have business plans completed, and are ready to launch their business, or income generating enterprise.