Become a Norman Felix Artist


At Norman Felix, we represent emerging and established artists by providing them with exposure within our gallery space, online, and offering optional consulting and education services. All Norman Felix artists must be approved by our jury. Artists may submit website, images and a brief and concise description of your artwork’s physical characteristics and meaning (if applicable), your contact information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for consideration.

We represent on a none exclusive basis, which means we operate on a commission platform of 35% upon final sale of the art work that is submitted to the gallery for representation. Upon registration, Norman Felix artists may begin to receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed to be included in at least two in-house group shows per year.
  • Participation in our Art-Stop shows throughout Toronto
  • Will be provided an "artist profile" with gallery space of up to 10 images on our high-traffic Norman Felix website
  • Access to our exclusive online Artist Area, which features helpful hints for artists, information on current grants and calls for submissions, discount locations, display venues, announcements, reminders, and details regarding our membership packages and services
  • The option of registering for additional promotional services, designed to assist artists with their career development

Registered Norman Felix Artists

Within 72 hours of registration, Norman Felix Artists will receive a username and password to log in to our user friendly Artist Area. The Artist Area of our site provides helpful hints for artists, frequently updated information about available grants and calls for submissions, discount locations, show venue(s), announcements, reminders, and details about membership packages and services. This section has been designed to help artists move forward with their careers.


Artist F.A.Q.

What costs are involved in becoming a Norman Felix Artist?

There is a nominal one-time registration fee of $556.40 plus tax (total $640.00) to sign up as Norman Felix Artist.

Are there any further costs?

Not until the end of your first year with Norman Felix, at which point there is an annual renewal fee of $318.58 plus tax (total $360.00) to continue each year with the gallery.

What services will I receive as a Norman Felix Artist?

Upon registration and submission of artwork, Norman Felix artists receive the opportunity to showcase their art work on our high traffic website (in the main gallery), guaranteed showing in two Norman Felix Group Shows and inclusion in our Art-Stop events throughout the city (group shows).

Can I write my own biography and artist statement?

Yes, however if you do not have a Service Membership, all written material must receive an editorial review to ensure quality control.

Am I required to get a Service Membership?

No, these services are made optional for Norman Felix Artists who are serious about making art their career.

What will a Service Membership do for me?

Service Memberships are designed to help you package your portfolio, gain exposure, and present yourself as a professional artist.

Is there a fee for Service Memberships?

Yes, these memberships are packages we compose based on your career needs, and are priced accordingly. Monthly payment plans are optional.

How do I become a Featured Artist?

In order to be included as a Norman Felix Featured Artist, you need to meet a sales quota OR have a Service Membership to demonstrate that you are active in your career.