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Norman Felix Collectors Membership

All proceeds from our online memberships go directly towards advancing the careers of our emerging Canadian artists.

Our Art Investment Service is committed to meeting the needs of our clients by customizing to accommodate every corporate, commercial, and individual aesthetic taste. We connect you with the artists we represent, and provide details on subject matter, formal characteristics and principles of design in order to facilitate informed decisions.

Collector’s Membership: For Art Lovers, Buyers, and Collectors

Our Collector’s Membership is designed to help independent, corporate, and gallery collectors easily find and purchase the art they are looking for.  We give you access to our online art database, and based upon your own personal profile we connect you with artwork and artists selected specifically to match your individual preferences.  A Collector’s Membership gives you direct access to every detail about our artwork and artists, and keeps you updated on your favourite artists, their upcoming shows, and their latest creations. It also grants you VIP status at all Norman Felix events. Our Collector's Membership is engineered to create an effective, effortless, and enjoyable art-browsing experience for all art lovers and collectors by delivering personalized artwork directly to your fingertips.

Collector Benefits

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Art collectors and enthusiasts receive privileged access to information and events:

  • Exclusive access to our Canadian Artist Database
  • Find art quickly and easily
  • Sort by art preferences
  • Sort by favourite artist
  • Remain updated on current events
  • Access details regarding each artwork
  • Fun and easy
  • Unique quality: all of our memberships are interactive with each other. Meaning that this membership is interactive with represented and non represented artists.

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